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Happy 2018! A new start begins…


It is with the greatest pleasure that I present you our new LOOP'ie Tie with easy hooking and tight holding, providing a better performance than the knotted loop ties offered in the market.

We have increased the size of the loop, to make the wire binding tool easier to hack. A regular one has a diameter of 8mm, our internal diameter is 10,5 mm (about 32% larger). In this way, the worker (be it less or very experienced) can hack the wire binding tool more easily into the eyelet. The productivity is thus improved, with an impact in labor costs.

In addition, the design is even more adapted to the insertion angle of the tool, the area where the two eyelets overlap is even greater. The resulting increased ergonomics is remarkable.

Ultimately, the eyelets are better closed and uniform, so that they do not open and stand back when pulled.

In addition to the Loop'ie, we also offer standard knotted, welded or double wire ties. Does this interest you? Please inquire here.

Furthermore, we offer you a fixed price for the whole year, disposal of a buffer stock on 48-hour demand, and private label on demand.

Please do not hesitate to ask us a non-binding price inquiry.

The Collection

  • Knotted with larger loops
  • Standard knotted
  • Double welded
  • Double
  • Welded

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