Environmental Policy Statement

As a clean renewable energy business, and a sustainable steel products trader, Europontex is strongly committed to playing a major part in addressing climate change and helping create a cleaner environment.

Europontex designs, provides and installs the most comprehensive and cutting-edge solar energy off-grid solutions, and ensures extensive after-sales support. We produce all the energy we consume.

Europontex is licensed to perform industrial and private energy efficiency audits (Adene license), and issues energy efficiency certificates.

We are also involved in major projects in Oil Regeneration, and Bio Fuels.

As for Steel / Infrastructures Europontex is actively helping develop new ecological manufacturing technologies and processes, obtaining materials and products for sustainable construction. We believe that soon the world economy paradigm will change, and the use of sustainable products will become critical. We sell products with reduced environmental impact, creating products of high durability, and reducing waste and polluting emissions.

Committed to the use of renewable energies, Europontex considers the use of materials with effective, embedded energy analysis, and encourage all that encompasses the growth and provision of sustainable energy generators.

Europontex has a strict Environmental Policy to ensure the environmental impact of our activities and services is minimal. This Environmental Policy commits Europontex to

Continually improve our environmental performance, by constantly reviewing our working procedures, selection of materials and their potential environmental impact.

Comply with or exceed the requirements of current environmental legislation and codes of practice in all our operations.

Continue to invest, provide and develop innovative sustainable products and renewable energy solutions.

Perform regular monitoring and assessments to track compliance with our policy and objectives.

Provide emergency plans, procedures and the necessary resources to enable effective response to any emergencies at relevant locations.

Give priority to products and services with minimal impact to the environment in our purchasing practices, through avoidance, re-use, and recycling of waste, and by purchasing recycled, recyclable or re-furbished products and materials when suitable and available.

Proactively seek suppliers who also pursue good environmental practices.

We evaluate suppliers according to their ecological behavior, and help buyers to implement methodologies that promote the elimination of corrupt, unethical or irresponsible behavior wherever they may occur.

Offset the greenhouse gas emissions relating to electricity consumed in the office with 100% renewable energy sources.

Offset the greenhouse gas emissions relating to all employees business travel.

We promote car-sharing schemes.
Monitor Europontex’s energy usage and wherever possible maximize its efficiency through innovative practices and procedures.

Communicate our environmental policy to our staff. The company expects both its permanent staff and contract employees to work in an environmentally responsible manner and to co-operate fully with management on all matters relating to environmental protection.

Promote environmental awareness and environmentally sustainable behavior amongst our staff, providing training, education and information on environmental
issues affecting their work.

Promote environmental awareness and environmentally sustainable behavior amongst our customers, suppliers and contractors, by offering training, and delivering email newsletters. We presently deliver the email newsletter to a social network of 50.000 people related to the energy and steel industry. We also help the buyer integrate environmental and social concerns into their procurement activity.

We will promptly address complaints about any breach of our sustainability policy.
Environmental stewardship is an integral and capital part of every Europontex business procedure. It is incumbent on each of us to assess our own roles and responsibilities and to help fulfill, to the utmost of our abilities, the commitments set forth in this statement.