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Leading you to the next steel opportunity.

For two generations Europontex has been bringing to its destination markets not only new products but also new ways of dealing steel. Our innovative solutions and strategies have allowed both suppliers and customers to find valuable alternatives to their traditional markets, sources and products.
If you plan to expand your business or if you are looking for an alternative source we can help. Our team of product specialists, our market research department and our sales forces present in several continents will certainly be the key to lead you to the new opportunities your company is looking for.



A better world for all ...

…is also our dream and we contribute to make it a reality. Our concerns about human and environmental issues has been leading us to introduce sustainable oriented products (see Ecometal), to participate in “green” solutions supply chain, and to select suppliers according to their social and environmental behavior.
Joining our efforts to build a society that leaves nobody behind, every year we support social aid organizations such as AMI and “Lar Betania” (a local institution for helpless children).