Market Studies & Research

    Related to all process held by the company, such as:
  • Commercial intervention
  • New customers identification
  • Presentation of business opportunities


Support of Technical Matters

One of the technical matters is that frequently clients do not make your enquiries with a precise specification, thus, technical support, works to identify and organize the correct specifications according to an international standard in order to be understandable worldwide.

Operations Follow-up

All operational process is monitored from the beginning to its end.

Procurement Strategy

A procurement strategy identifies the best way of achieving the objectives of the project. The aim of a procurement strategy is to achieve the optimum balance of risk, innovation, control and funding for a particular project.

Global Sourcing

A procurement strategy in which a business seeks to find the most cost efficient location for manufacturing a product, even if the location is in a foreign country.

Supplier Management

Is about the long term maintenance of good quality, performance and price from your suppliers and at the same time monitoring, maintaining and improving the performance over this long term, in response to the ever changing demands faced in getting supplies from the open market.